Nice, slender girl in search of a sponsor. Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia
Hello, my happiness.
I am 26 years old ,my name is Ruslana.
Divorced, with a daughter.
I came from St. Petersburg to Moscow recently.
Lawyer by training.
The desire to achieve a lot in life.
Who am I looking for?
Looking for a serious, wealthy man-sponsor.
Therefore, please do not offer me sex for 1-2 times or meetings where stupid sex.
I want a romantic relationship with the same man for 35 years.
Mandatory respect for women.
I can’t stand the brain,I don’t bother,I’m not jealous..
I love to have sex, take care and be affectionate to a man.
I do not have anal sex, it’s for those who need it.
And Yes, I have small Breasts, for those who are very important.
Please write to the post office
Photo my


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