Wanted smart, strong, brave and skillful… Moscow


In connection with the need for procreation through the female line and personal physiological needs of a young talented girl (34 years), opens a vacancy for the position of husband.


  • The desire and ability to reproduce with further education and support;
  • Creative approach to the performance of marital duty;
  • No bad habits such as alcohol abuse, Smoking and lying on the couch watching TV, uncontrolled fishing and hunting
  • Possession of skills of use of the car, driving experience of 3 years
  • Active life position
    *Recommendations from last place of work not required
    Preference is given to a man aged 35-50 years with intelligence above average, past training courses and possessing additional education and professional skills
  • Official registration in the work book;
  • joint vacation 2-3 times a year;
  • Social package: a variety of food, health insurance, allowing you to receive massages .
    In the future, full mutual understanding and family happiness.
    Probation period: 6 months.
    Resumes are accepted by e-mail

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