Mistress searching for a slave. Romania, Bucharest

Country, City: Romania, Bucharest

I’m a Woman

I am a 30 years old dominatrix from Bucharest, searching for a very disciplined and obedient slave. I expect you to be extremely loyal and submissive, ideally to want to worship me and go above and beyond it takes to make me satisfied. You should have no expectations, except being at my feet, and kiss the ground I walk on. You also have to be ready to travel to me, at least for the first time we meet. I am not easy to please, so this ad is not for your average Joe who happens to have some sexual fantasies about being dominated in bed. Let’s face it, you are not good enough For that. Financial motivation is very important, So I want you to be succesfull in your business/job, I don’t need a loser.
Ohhh I forgot to describe myself a bit… very sexy, slim fit body type, goddess legs and feet, but my attitude is my best atribute☺
Don’t waste my time if you are not serious about this, I don’t want to do endless emails or chats. If you are interested and you fit the profile, write me a detailed email with pictures, and tell me about you and why should I choose you as my slave.
Email: anageorgiana555@yahoo.com





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