Looking for a wealthy sponsor in Moscow and Moscow region

Moscow and Moscow region
I am looking for a sponsor for the long term. With the arrival in my city (located 200 km from Moscow). It is necessary! I cannot come to Moscow for various reasons. I ask the cheaters not to waste time, as I’m looking rather urgently! There were those with whom I agreed, and in one day they turned off the phone and disappeared. I am 18 years old and I study at the 1st year of philological university. My height: 160. Girth of priests: 85. Chest: 1.5. Waist: 60. Please immediately write with a story about yourself. I also will not tolerate rudeness (something like bdsm)
This kind of relationship should only be between us, strictly confidential and not go beyond the public. I hope someone of you are interested. I look forward to the messages.


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