Looking for a man-keeper. Moscow

Moscow, Voronezh
Hey. Looking for a man-keeper. Educated (I want to learn a lot from him). Age — from 40 to 60 years. Prefer married men. I am 30 years old. Height 170, weight 55. I do sports, my eyes are gray, my hair is red. I live in Voronezh, ready for visits to Moscow. I would like my patron to help me with paying courses and seminars, in addition to monthly material support. I plan to get a second degree. Relationship is only lasting. Loyalty is guaranteed. In family life, men do not interfere. I absolutely do not pretend to his freedom. Only I give him my love and tenderness. With pleasure I will listen, support, help with advice, come, bring, comfort. Thank you for your interest in my profile.


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