Looking for a man for a relationship. Cyprus

City: Cyprus, Limassol, Ayia Napa, any other city in Cyprus.
Hello to everyone who reads these lines.
I am a slim, beautiful girl, long-haired with bright eyes, a Slav, 167/48 kg, 34 years old, I live in Russia. I was not married and no children, I love sports, movement, dancing, healthy life, I do not smoke, so I look young and graceful.
I want to get acquainted with an adult who has taken place, a pleasant Russian man living in Cyprus, who would like to take the girl to him, create emotional relationships and take care of his beloved woman. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to meet in a different culture and ethnic environment, and if you live alone, in your heart you probably thought that it was good to have someone close in spirit and mentality nearby. It is doubly good when your woman is an anonymous character for all, she has no past and no former relationship in the place where you live. I love the sea climate, warmth, sun, beautiful nature, cleanliness, cultural environment means a lot to me. And although I myself live in a very beautiful place, I would not refuse such an acquaintance, but what if I read it all? Good, and let everyone find his own.


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