Looking for girlfriend and to marry. EU, Scandinavia

EU / Scandinavia

I’m a Man

Dear Lady.

I am a 44 year old man 183cm tall with blue eyes and wide shoulders who look for a fantastic lady who are from 22-35 years old.

I look for a serious realtionship and to marry so if a lady like to change her life then try to send me a letter and lets see how it goes. I can also offer a video chat/video date and a real life meeting someday.
I will pay for a trip to my country BUT we need to talk first and do a video chat.

I like slim girls max 55 kg and 155-177 cm tall with a good body and pretty face.
You need to have minimum 1 education or study.
You need to speak a little english.
els just be positive.
I look for a nice, kind and attractive lady who want to live together with a man like me in EU/scandinavia.

You are welcome to send me your letter
and tell me a little about your self, hobbies, and why i should choose you as my girlfriend 😉
and also attach 1-3 normal photos. I can send my photo when i reply.

I will keep your letter and photos secret.

Sincerely your future boyfriend 😉



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