Looking for an interesting, intelligent and generous man for a bright relationship. Austria, Vienna

Austria, Vienna

Natural blue-eyed blonde, 24 years old, height-175, weight 59. Originally from St. Petersburg, now I live in Vienna, I used to live in Italy and France. Russian citizenship, residence permit in Austria, Russian. Education-bachelor’s degree, diploma of St. Petersburg state UNIVERSITY, faculty of history, direction-history of arts. Since October 2018 — master’s degree in Vienna. I work as an assistant in an art gallery. Model, participated in the filming of advertising. She was engaged in synchronized swimming, equestrian sports and dancing. For 10 years she played the piano, received a diploma from the music school, winner and prize-winner of many music competitions. She worked as a guide and interpreter in St. Petersburg with clients from all over the world, including at the world Cup.



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