Looking for a sponsor. Almaty, Kazakhstan

Country, City: Almaty Kazakhstan

I’m a Woman

Good day ! Dear men, before writing, I ask you to carefully read the text below!
Looking for a man, adequate, who will help me with my financial difficulties. Serious and you can rely on! Confidentiality is guaranteed, but from your side too!
Please do not write: not serious, jerks and fakes.
Do not waste not mine and not your time!
I am writing here because I really need help!
Please, before writing, please send your photo if you are not ready to send, do not write!

A little bit about yourself :
20 years
Height 169
Weight 57
Breast size 2.5
Well appointed; well-read. Learning languages ​​(Turkish, English perfectly) is now switched to Italian.
Doing sports: mixed martial arts, dancing, cardio and swimming.
Hobbies: cooking and depending on my mood I play the piano.



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