Looking for a man for a relationship. Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

My name is Vesta. I am a creative and cheerful girl. When everything is beautiful and good, it charges me incredibly! When there are people close to life values, goals and I can do something for their happiness and greater realization-then I feel the thirst for life even more deeply and am filled with its power.
What can I do for you? How to help and be useful? What will make you happier? How can I serve you?

To have sex on the first or second meeting after meeting I do not know and do not want to learn, do not judge strictly.

Character in General flexible, a little love to command, the nature of leadership and creative makes itself known. The last word in important matters for a man. You can always negotiate with me. Know your boundaries and respect the boundaries of the person.

With a sense of humor, everything is fine, talk about almost any topic-with pleasure. Especially strong in the topics of psychology, soul, thinking, the world, philosophy of the body, and the like.

In a whole intellectual, clean, cheerful. I’d be happy to help you to be a ruler) What size are your ambitions?
It’s important for me to be inspired by your work, do you burn with it?

I love sex, I love to give myself to pleasure, enjoying the body of the partner and his in his hands. And here, too, my space for creativity! What do you like best? What do you dream about? Let’s try.)
By education masseur-aestheticist and specialist in correction of the musculoskeletal system (certification MASOP). I own techniques of massage of a member, oral, in General Blowjob I love very much, classical, throat and to caress testicles, anal sex. Massage to do adore! To stroke and caress the beloved man. Very tactile. I cook Russian, a little Italian cuisine. Trainable. With English until poorly, but this temporarily. I like to restore beauty and order, the aesthetics of space is important.

Possible cons: straightforward, can not lie, sometimes selfish. The figure is not athletic, soft and feminine. Since tactile, if you do not like to stroke the girl and hug, then do not make friends.

I am fond of creativity, work with the body, sociology, psychology, I love nature, study folklore, pedagogy, sing songs, play the balalaika, I love to run and walk down the street, visit beautiful places, restaurants. There are values and goals in life.

Material issue on this resource can not be missed. I will say so, this amount is above average in the «market», and the offer is not massive.

I’d be happy to meet to talk, it is better to write what amount to the content your girl comfortable for you, in order to save time. Sorry for such pragmatism, the specifics of the resource. I do not like long correspondence, we will be careful of each other’s time. Not for good reason I OK here all wrote, and you read?

Want and ready to do everything possible from me to make you happy, well-fed, devolvere, satisfied and happy.

If ambitions and financial opportunities coincide, I will be happy to communicate and contact.




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