Looking for a loved one. Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia

I really want to spend time interesting, pleasant, fun. I’m quite an active person, madly love to walk, go to different places, I know how to sincerely enjoy everything that happens around. I don’t really need financial help. I just want to find someone who will be close to me in certain matters. Who knows and understands what he needs. In my environment and children of my age, I can not find this closeness yet. It will be great if we just see each other a couple of times a week, go or go somewhere together, we will be similar temperaments.

About me: 21 years old, I love to sing, play the ukulele, take pictures. There are tattoos. The biggest tattoo on her back

Learn more about me/invite to drink coffee, you can pre-introduce yourself and tell about yourself. Vulgar and rude things to write, please do not need, as well as any suggestions not related to the format I described above.



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