Looking for a girls. Russia, Moskow

Country, City: Russia, Moskow

I’m a Man

Good day!

Looking for my girl!
Not shy of anything, without complexes, uninhibited.
Open to experiments and the wonderful time of transmission.

Financial support of not less than one hundred and fifty per month, willing to negotiate.
Provide housing for personal use, a private house in the suburbs and transport.
So ready to please with gifts to carry for belongings and create the girls Princess.

I consider only long-term relationships.
Unmarried, no children.
A serious relationship not looking for, look for anyone you want.

Send CV to dengn@inbox.ru going to look.
Please write from what city and send photos of an intimate nature with all the details.
I do not want to go to a lot of meetings and I will not, there is no time for all these meetings.
I will meet only one, with her and we will develop relations.

Body type athletic.
Chest from 2
Nice legs.
Tightened ass
Cheerful and ready to enjoy life with me

About oneself:
Growth 180
Weight 96
Slavic appearance
athletic build

Modest and shy pass by.
Only interested in the juicy cat.



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