Looking for a decent man. Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Good day, Men!

Requests are simple:
About You: 38+ Adequacy, sense of humor, brutality and subtle understanding of his life and desires. A huge advantage would be if you are married. I don’t want to get married or start a relationship with a global commitment yet.
You love sex. Love!
Know that such passion and with temperament You have all in order.

About me: 27 years, 168/47. Their business. Several directions. I lead an active social life, do charity work and make great plans for the future.

I’m not looking for a KEEPER. I’m looking for a LOVER. Please feel the difference.
I AM MISTRESS. A girl who knows how to please not for the sake of Your wallet and the next belongings.
I know how to listen and hear, understand, care and give a Man what he needs. Our eventual Union is not bargaining. I don’t need to be supported. I can only be pampered.

Answer the, who ready REALISTICALLY to meet for a Cup of coffee.



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