Kiev, Ukraine! A beautiful kept woman for a rich sponsor

Kiev, Ukraine

Beautiful, slender kept woman in search of sponsorship relations without interference in personal life. I love sex, humor and good food . I am 34 years old, height 164, weight 52.
And now attentively-services and trial meetings are not present. The first meeting is dinner and communication. And then it will be seen .
I do not send resumes and others. Virtuals and collectors photo request not disturb.


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Kiev, Ukraine! A beautiful kept woman for a rich sponsor: 1 комментарий

  1. Thank you for your supportive comments. Humanity exists in such a nation. I have a lady friend with contacts in Kiev and Karkhiv. I am going for three months and would like to take my car as l have so much to share with my new friends. I am a writer and need to travel to the Carpathians for research and interest. Any suggestions would be welcome. I would like to go from mid May until September. I have a small private income of $1,000 a month which will have to suffice. I had visited Kiev in 2010. Like other Western cities there is an amount of racism latent in Kiev also. Have seen mugging instances a couple of time. Some nightclubs have face control which disallow African Asian visitors. The girls are supposed to be the most beautiful ones. However they also turn to be racist when you are of Asian or African background and approach them. They prefer rich American or European grooms rather than Asians. You see the same with all hookers from Ukraine who have flooded the UAE cities.


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