Girl 20 years old. In search of a permanent male sponsor. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Good day. Girl, 20 years old. Not thin, tall, with forms. 176/68, chest 3. In search of a permanent male sponsor from St. Petersburg. About me: 3rd year student of a very prestigious university. She graduated from school with a gold medal. I love travel, in particular to Asia. I am fond of cars. I will be glad to help in obtaining a driver’s license. English upper intermediate level. There are tattoos, if suddenly it matters. I don’t climb on my neck, I don’t do rape of the brain, I’m not interested in serious abuses and creating a family. For my part, everything is strictly confidential.
I want to see as a sponsor: you are 25-45 years old, not a pervert, without financial problems, live in St. Petersburg or the flax region.
Please write to the mail with a specific proposal, it is important to know your preferences. Preferably with a photo. I’ll send my own in a reply message. Wirth, webcams are not interesting.


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