Beautiful and smart girl without bad habits looking for a sponsor. Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia.
I’ll be a friend, a lover, or a wife. Looking FOR only PERMANENT meetings/relationships without dirt based on respect and trust. Ready to adjust to you in time, to travel. I am ready to consider the option of moving abroad. There Schengen.
I have no bad habits, no children, no artificial body parts.
I have many Hobbies, education, knowledge of English and a sense of humor. I was professionally engaged in fitness, I follow health (I am ready for the birth of children too).
Parameters: height 165 cm, weight 55 kg, breast 3,5 , options 95/62/97.
You expect from a careful reading of announcements, the adequacy and solvency. As well as your goals and the desired format of the relationship with the photo. Send your only answer.


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