A feminine, sensual girl will meet a generous man. Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine

A feminine, sensual Ukrainian girl will respond to the feelings of a man who knows what makes both their eyes Shine!
I will give tenderness and affection in exchange for solid financial assistance and care. Mutual interest in each other is important.
Preference will give a decent, honest, interesting man.
Ready for flights, joint business trips or travel. No bad habits, late-night calls, tantrums.
I am 36 years old and proud of how I look and what I have achieved in life. Free, growth 169 centimeters, feminine figure, know English language , mean decent education-journalist (KIZH KNU). On all the rest Your questions is ready to answer .
If you are interested in meeting me-super!
Make an interesting offer and I will send your photos!
Not ready for a long correspondence-I’m for personal communication and a real quick meeting in Kiev!
I will wait for your letter!



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