I am looking for a sponsor for a long period. Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia
Good day. I am looking for a permanent sponsor for a long relationship.
MAN FROM 40 years old !!!!. One-time meetings don’t interest me. I ask fakes and I didn’t waste your photos and my time.
Height 160, weight 45
Former gymnast
Slender, European appearance.
ONLY MOSCOW is interested.
Please do not disturb men who want to save on the girl. Do not write at all! I need one and for a long time, for which I will be faithful. I do not invite to myself, I exclude anal sex, I am not interested in meetings in cars, I do not send sex — I do not send photos.
I do not consider moving (categorically)
Please write immediately with a story about yourself. And what can you offer me. I do not answer the usual «hello». I see no reason to waste my time and yours on idle chatter.



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