Actively looking for a friend with benefits. Kiev

Recently moved to live in Kiev. I am looking for a Kievan: a reliable friend, mentor and a truly happy and harmonious person. Ready to surround with care and attention and to take under the warm strong shoulder. Really able to help with the arrangement in the city (housing,- apartment, possible work and other important issues). If you are kind and adequate and represent the whole situation, then you are ready for a prompt discussion of all the important moments for us, right today. An important and decisive moment-looking for no contact masks, as if at a carnival, and primitive communication. And I guarantee only with mutual interest, spiritual communication and perhaps human relations( in the priority of course serious relations) And as you know the relationship is a joint daily work, ready to work on them and create what we both need. I believe in miracles, I remember the true values. I appreciate kindness and respect… About myself: kind, attractive, model appearance( 171 / 48), develop useful habits, I like active rest
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