Girl with model appearance is looking for a serious man… Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Country, City: Uzbekistan, Tashkent

I’m a Woman

Good day!
I am looking for a generous and very educated guy/young man, who will adequately care for, preferably a European or Russian up to 37 years old. I would like not married, of course.
I have blond hair, 22 years old, height: 167, weight: 47 kg, no children, not married and were not, I have no bad habits, at the moment I live with my parents, go to the gym, watch myself and work on myself, I love books. Higher education is not finished, I want to enter a worthy place. I speak fluent English, There are options for accompanying tourist trips and / or business trips to English-speaking countries (that is, I will help with translation and mastering — I lived abroad). Other hobbies: personal growth and psychology, achievement of goals, design, visual arts, languages, poetry (I write myself), self-education and self-development, sociology. I would also like to learn other languages.
Me: easy-going, interesting, cheerful, positive, understanding, kind, incredibly beautiful, very temperamental, cool, the best Russian girl with parameters 90-60-90, who is looking for one and for a long time, who can adequately provide (care) for relationships, based on mutual respect and understanding of each other.
With such a girl like me it will not be boring for sure!
I am from Tashkent, but there is an option of moving to another country, but with a warm climate (something like the weather in Tashkent will go — that is, I don’t live in cold weather, I’m very picky about it)
I work, I love to travel and visit new places, learn new things and develop as a person (this is important for me).
You are kindly requested not to waste my time on empty talk, and, moreover, with regards to how and when in what poses, etc. loves.
I do not send nude photos, one-time / trial, etc. sex encounters are NOT interesting at all.
I am not ready to enter into intimate communication with you right away, without communication nothing will work out, unfortunately, I can’t do it any other way.
I will surely answer you after your brief, at least, story about yourself and a photo. Only serious and REAL offers.
I beg to write those men, who are really interested in me.


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