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I’m a Man

My service is exclusive and discreet.

I am new to male escorting and really love it. I appreciate traveling and meeting interesting people. I really, truly enjoy this profession; it’s like no other. It’s just getting better for me day by day.
I am very selective regarding the type of clientele with which I deal. Wishing to cater to extraordinary women, I know how to treat a lady and make her feel good. My goal is to always fulfill your desires and to listen to your needs, be your friend and make you feel good
I am a mature man and have experienced many pleasurable times with women. I absolutely LOVE women! I love the sight of a naked woman in high stiletto platform shoes and enticing lingerie. I also love to see a woman wearing a beautiful robe with her stilettos on. I love giving and receiving pleasure — it’s my specialty. I work out in the gym, run, eat well and sleep well. This keeps me young, virile, potent and full of life. I have abundant energy.
My features reflect my African ethnicity with strong energy to serve you and have brought me numerous compliments. I love to dress to perfection and am neat and well-groomed. I am a genuine, straight-forward man whom you will find to be sensitive, flexible and dignified. I enjoy life to the fullest. I am extremely physically fit because I live a healthy lifestyle of weight training, cardiovascular exercise and diet.
It is essential to keep my mind and body in excellent condition. I am experienced and understand what a woman needs. My services will provide intimacy, social accompaniment, companionship, romance, emotional and physical connection, passion, fun, humor, trustworthiness, safety, discretion and secrecy. I know how to fully satisfy a woman; I can be gentle or rough, whatever is your preference.
Women of taste and desire looking to experience life’s pleasures with a gentleman of similar interests may contact me. Whether it’s great conversation, finding out what thrills you or fulfilling your most erotic fantasies, I aim to please. My services will give specialized attention to your individual needs and personal goals. Your age is irrelevant.

I am very good at putting women or couples at ease.
I keep all client information private.
Some of my personality/character traits are: artistic, attentive, balanced, brave, charming, classy, confident, considerate, cool, courteous, creative, dignified, disciplined, discreet, dominant, down-to-earth
energetic, engaging, enticing, exuberant, flexible, focused, genuine, happy, healthy, imaginative independent, intelligent, loyal, majestic, masculine, naughty, organized, persevering, playful, polished, positive
powerful, prideful, punctual, research-oriented, worldly, romantic, savvy, secure, self-styled, sensitive, sophisticated, straight-forward, stylish, time-attentive, visionary, warm, well-built, well-endowed

Contact me:
Whatsapp / Viber +79111068730


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