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Country, City: Russia, Moscow

I’m a Woman


For a large photo project requires 10-15 girls, both with experience and without.

Nude genres, linen, art nude, met art.

Duration 12-17 days. Payment from $ 700 for every day. Casting

Age from 18-35 years old, liberated, with a good figure, not full. Shooting in the studio and in nature. In the application, please indicate the name, age, presence of a tattoo and piercing, parameters of the figure and chest, as well as 5-7 photos, where you can see the face and body.

The customer is private, the market is not in Russia. The main markets are Canada, Asia, Africa, and paid access.

Additional questions and applications in drugs.

If you see this ANNOUNCEMENT now, then it is ACTUAL.

Thank you for attention.




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